Let's go on a golf adventure. Starting in the little village Golfing you go over bridges, frozen lakes and mountains. Perfect to start your first golf journey.


This world is something for the more experienced players. Begin your journey in panama. Discover the sea forest, the white mansion and the pirate bay. Watch out for cannon balls!


Play golf in the beautiful Zen and Pon Garden. Discovery the peaceful Road Village to the heavy equipped Samurai Castle.

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What's inside?

Minigolf is not only Minigolf. In several modes you can experience a ton of different stuff with yur friends. Use items to prevent your oppenents to win, try to survive in the last ball standing mode or simply build your own course while you try putt the ball first.

27 Courses

Up to 27 different courses and more to come. Each with its individual challenges. Play on slippy ice or on the high mountains. Try not to fall down!

Different Modes

Choose between the smooth round-based minigolf or a dynamic mode, where every one plays at once and tries to be the first to put the ball no matter what! Pure Chaos!

12 Items

You want to annoy your friends. Just put a cow on their shooting lane or just start a gun fight. Trick your way into the golf hole by using extra items!

Up to 8 Players

Not only three players can join your minigolf game but seven. What a mess! Try to stand out in these masses of minigolf balls!

Builder Mode

You like to build your golf course next to playing on it? Choose the building mode. Each player can place a golf obstical each round on the course. Crazy golf courses inevitable.

Last Ball Standing

It's not about putting the ball but simply to survive. Evade cannon balls, go as fast as posiible on a shattered golf course or maintain against other crazy golfballs.